Forex education

Chapter 1. Introduction

Introductoin to Forex for InstaForex clients who are getting acquainted with the forex market

Chapter 2. Forex market participants

Description of the main forex market participants for future InstaForex traders

Chapter 3. Currency designation in the Forex market

Description of the main currencies and their symbols for beginners

Chapter 4. Types of forex transactions

Description of the main types of currency transactions for future InstaForex traders

Chapter 5. Forex quotes

The concept and basics of exchange rates for future InstaForex traders

Chapter 6. Buy and sell price of currency pairs and spread

Definition of buying and selling price of a currency pair and the spread between them for future InstaForex traders

Chapter 7. Cross currency pairs

Definition and description of cross currency pairs for beginners

Chapter 8. Trading sessions

Definition and description of trading sessions and their features for future InstaForex traders who begin trading on Forex

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