FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have questions about trading or you do not know what to start with, you can find the answers in the FAQ section. Moreover, there is a lot of useful information about InstaTrade broker.

Economic Indicators

In this section you can find information about a variety of economic indicators which you can use every day while trading on market. The indicators described in this sector will help you to analyze the macroeconomic situation in different countries.

All about Oil

Crude oil along with currency and gold is one of the leading indicators of almost every process in the global economy. The volatility of the oil price tends to depend on economic and political events. However, due to some oil specifics, there is always a certain time lag for oil exporters and consumers, which makes oil deals a very delicate investment. In order to understand more deeply the intricacies of crude oil as a trading instrument, you can refer to this section.

Articles about Trade

If you want to improve your awareness of Trade currency market and get to know trading issues more deeply, you are welcome at the Articles about Trade section. You can find a lot of specialized literature on the currency market trading there.

Technical Indicators

Trading platform MetaTrader4 will enable you to work you with a wide range of technical indicators. So, every trader can use different indicators for analysis. Each of the indicators in this section is the result of mathematical calculations based on changes in price and volume. The indicators help traders to improve their trading performance.

World Financial Markets

In the section World Financial Markets you will find the description and the operating time of stock, currency and commodity world markets, from NYSE and LSE to Trade and MICEX. What is more, there is a short description of each market to assist you to decide on the time you want to trade and information about how to enter an exchange correctly.


In the Glossary section you can browse a lot of terms related to the world's financial markets with thorough descriptions. If you do not know a meaning of a term, you can always find it in our glossary.

Trading Gold

InstaTrade Company offers you to read some articles about one of the most efficient investment tools. Today almost everybody who is interested in gold trading, can be provided with a seamless access to the international gold market and invest his/her money in this precious metal. What is more, you can use gold in futures deals, which can bring a considerable profit to you. It is very rational to invest in gold during the period of a financial crisis, when other investment tools are not as powerful. In this section you can learn all the details about trading gold.

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