Cost optimization
Simple calculation of trading costs from transactions
Fair spread
Eliminates the possibility of sudden widening of transaction spreads
Easy way
Easier to get in and out of deals without worrying about overheads
Minimum commission
InstaTrade is a well-established market player, over 7 000 000 clients choose us
US and EU Stocks
Crypto CFD
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple More
Metals and commodities
Gold, Silver, Platinum More
Indices and Stocks
US Dollar, SP 500, Dow Jones More
Best Forex spreads
Instruments Buy Sell Spread Day's High Day's Low Lot
Australian vs US Dollar
0 0.7073 0.7002 AUD 10000
Euro vs Japanese Yen
0 135.788 134.579 EUR 10000
Euro vs US Dollar
0 1.0598 1.0533 EUR 10000
US Dollar vs Japanese Yen
0 128.293 127.527 USD 10000
US Dollar vs Swiss Franc
0.1 0.9764 0.9694 USD 10000
South Africa Rand vs Japanese Yen
0.1 8.101 8.007 ZAR 10000
Best US and EU Stocks commissions
Instruments Buy Sell Tick size Tick cost Commission
Alcoa Inc.
3 -7% (0%*) -2% (0%*)
Apple Inc.
8 -7% (0%*) -2% (0%*)
Adobe Systems Incorporated
2 -7% (0%*) -2% (0%*)
American International Group Inc.
2 -7% (0%*) -2% (0%*)
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2 -7% (0%*) -2% (0%*)
Amazon.com, Inc.
12 -7% (0%*) -2% (0%*)
Best Crypto CFD spreads
Instruments Buy Sell Lot Spread Fee
1 Bitcoin 0 0.1%
Bitcoin Cash
1 Bitcoin Cash 0 0.1%
1000 Cardano 0 0.1%
100000 Dogecoin 0 0.1%
1 Ethereum 0 0.1%
100 Polkadot 0 0.1%
Best Metals and commodities spreads
Instruments Buy Sell Spread Buy-swap Sell-swap
Silver Spot
35 -2.71 -1.54
Gold Spot
36 -21.82 -7.01
Gold spot (500 oz)
38 -21.82 -7.01
Palladium Spot
1000 -28.11 -35.61
Best Indices and Stocks spreads
Instruments Buy Sell Spread Buy-swap Sell-swap
US Dollar Index
0.01 1.00 $ 0 $
S&P 500 Index
0.01 0.01 $ 0 $
Dow Jones Industrial Average
0.1 0.1 $ 0 $
Swiss Market Index
0.1 0.1 CHF 0 $
FTSE 100
0.1 0.1 GBP 0 $
0.1 0.1 $ 0 $
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Who can use a ZeroDrop account?
Are you an experienced trader and take large volumes of trading on the Forex market? The ZeroDrop account will allow you to trade with a zero spread and a minimum commission amount. Save on spreads – discover profitable trading with a ZeroDrop account!

Those who are taking their first steps in the Forex market, now it is not necessary to start with a virtual account. Learn how to trade on a real account with ZeroDrop, without paying attention to the size of the spread.
ZeroDrop account is an affordable trading solution that will suit traders of any level.
Do you trade in large volumes?
Trade without spreads, hidden margins and with minimal commission. Allow yourself more!
Looking for a reliable broker?
We just made the best conditions in the market for traders. The rest is your merit.
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Your forex demo account is opened.
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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions, we will try to help you with this
  • What is ZeroDrop?
    ZeroDrop is a new trading account with zero spread and low commissions. It allows InstaTrade traders to increase their income level, as well as to have an accurate forecast of trading profits. You can trade all types of assets, without hidden margins and additional transaction costs.

    The account is suitable for traders who are used to working with high speeds and trading volumes, as well as those who are taking their first steps in the Forex world and want to keep trading costs under control.

    Trades are conducted on MT4, MT5 terminals.
  • Why does InstaTrade provide such conditions?
    We are constantly developing, taking into account the needs of customers and strive to meet quality standards. It is important to us that InstaTrade traders can have an accurate trading forecast and plan their income. Therefore, we have developed a new type of account with zero spread.
  • How does trading on the ZeroDrop account differ from the usual one?
    The first difference is zero spread and minimal commissions, which is the uniqueness of the ZeroDrop trading account. This makes it easier to enter and exit trades without worrying about overhead costs, and also eliminates the possibility of sudden expansion of spreads on trades. The second fundamental difference is the minimum lot size of 0.01. With ZeroDrop, traders trade all types of assets from one account, can trade on any strategy and use Expert Advisors.
  • What is the benefit of trading on the ZeroDrop account?
    The ZeroDrop account allows you to save on trading costs, namely on spreads (the difference in the purchase and sale price of an asset) and commissions charged by the broker. This is beneficial to traders who take a large volume of transactions or trade as scalpers. Since trading fees in this case are quite high, the ZeroDrop account allows you to significantly save on trading costs, as well as predict the amount of profit. ZeroDrop also helps beginners adapt to the Forex market and earn income without additional trading costs.
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